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New Beginnings Laboratory(Announcement)

Posted By laurence

“New Beginnings Laboratory” is a puzzle game that the Four Winged Studio team has been working on since 1/04/2017

We have been hard at work making our largest game yet. One of the major things that the team and I like to do is try to make our games community friendly so for “New Beginnings Laboratory” we have created our largest map editor yet!

Players will be able to create their own maps and share them via our website. Well, the game is far from being completed we will be releasing it in an Early Access state so that we can gain your opinions on what needs improving and how the game performs thus far. We will be giving out limited copies of our Pre-Alpha version to press and other sources before we release the game as an Early Access title.


We will start posting more information about “New Beginnings Laboratory” as we get closer to our Pre-Alpha release.


A sneak peek at one of our testing levels.


Written by laurence

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