3.5 stars

Alien Hostage


  • The Good

    - Simple easy to use design
    - Great music with a volume control
    - Simple controls - But difficult to master
    - Dialog, minus the spelling errors was entertaining
    - Addicting, VERY addicting made me want to keep trying to a point
    - Colorfully yet simplistic!
    - Even tho I did not get far it looks like there is more and more obstacles to interfere with your attempts making you have to learn more skills!
    - SLOW MO MODE! - a precise way to do what you need ! it helps A LOT!

  • The bad

    - Game breaking physics, (lose a barrel into unplayable areas)
    - Restart button is good, but enter button for restart would be easier
    - Dialog boxes show up every restart
    - Lack of level select, you cannot go back after moving forward
    - Controls are VERY hard, the sensitivity of damage and speed are not for the weak hearted, the need for difficulty settings(less damage from speed or more fuel etc) would make it a bit more enjoyable for people like me who get angry!
    - More story line, or images of the aliens or something more immersive to give me SOMETHING for completing each puzzle or few puzzles.
    - SLOW MODE is WAAAAAAAY to slow.

  • Gameplay ( 7 )
    Graphics ( 7 )
    Music ( 7 )
  • Total score 7.0

So before you base your idea of the game on the name, this is a DIFFICULT PUZZLE GAME!
Thank you again Four Winged Studio for the key to test this out!

But before you jump to any other conclusions here is what I based my review on!

So this game is much better in design then Escape this done by the same company, and since this is VERY EARLY ACCESS, this game has bugs, and the way it is now is REALLY DIFFICULT, but it is actually a lot of fun if you like getting frustrated and have endless patience! Simple game deserves a simple and precise review, so here are the PROS and CONS


There is always more then when I put up there but in short, I WOULD recommend this game to all puzzle lovers who want a challenge, tho the main issue I have is that it is WAY to difficult for me to keep going as I begin to get very frustrated. the colors the gameplay the skills the slow motion, it was all great touches but the game in my opinion is still lacking in the storyline or things to keep my attention or drive me to continue, I would like to see a shop system to customize the ship and pimp out your ride and music and such, and I see a multiplayer mode possibility! 1v1 head to head gather as many resources within the time limit, unlimited lives with a respawn time, who collects the most wins! that would be a blast! but other then that since I cant change the difficulty to meet my skill level I find myself getting to frustrated to continue. but I REALLY did enjoy the game and I would hope if you want a challenge to pick this game up!